Inverters are available on DGS & D Rate Contract

Atharva Enterprises, an elite name in customer trust and satisfaction, houses a varied range of products. Our products range from power solutions like UPSs, Inverters & Stabilizers.

In last ten year, Su-kam has proven its mettle by increasing the customer base many folds with assured quality and honest prices. Our product reliability is our best advertising medium. Our customers include various corporate houses, government and institutional bodies. Sukam outshined others with introduction of Indian Sine Wave Line Interactive UPS in market. Then came Combo UPS, the real combo of power solutions for IT and power conditioning.

Our products have acquired an inheritance of technology edge in market. Now all Sukam products are based on micro controller, a real embedded technology that allows adding features to even sold products. It is a Sine Wave Combo UPS that has astonishing features like noiseless 20 KHz carrier frequency along with user configurable in built AVR. Battery level percentage is now a regular feature in Su-kam Combo’s.

Su-kam become one of the rarest Indian companies in power sector, who are developing technology for various power projects.

Our philosophy is to lead through technology in both aspects of business, product and service. Our mission is to make Sukam present in every household in India by 2012.

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